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Tube laser cutting



High-end laser machine 高階雷射切割系統

NIT uses state of the art fiber laser cutting system for making parts for medical devices that demand high precision standard. Fiber laser system is by far the most economical kind of laser system for making tube components which have features such as holes, slots, and patterns. Combined with our wet laser cutting technique, the cut parts have little heat-affected zones. This not only gives the finish part a high-quality surface finish, it also protects the material from heat damage, which is very important when cutting materials such as nitinol.


Our laser cutting service 公司服務

We have a strong RD team to assist you from prototyping process to mass production. With NITs testing department, we inspect your finished product with high resolution image system for dimensional precision and can also conduct customized functional tests for proof-of-concept.



Applicable Tube Dimensions 可加工的管材尺寸範圍

Tube outside diameters: 0.5mm - 30.0mm (Wet laser cutting up to Max. 12mm)

Wall Thickness: 0.04 - 0.50mm

(Cut widths usually 15um~100um, depending on wall thickness)

管材外徑: 0.5mm - 30.0mm (水冷模組最大可切至12mm)

管壁厚度: 0.04mm - 0.50mm

 (雷射切割道寬度約15um~100um, 取決於管壁厚度)

Materials applicable for laser Cutting 適合雷射切割的材質

Stainless Steel, Nitinol (NiTi), Cobalt Chromium, Titanium…and Others

不銹鋼, 鎳鈦合金, 鈷鉻合金, 鈦合金…與其他金屬

Product Categories 常見的雷射切割產品

Stent: Ranging from small neurovascular stents, to large filters and heart valve frames, made of materials such as Stainless Steel, Nitinol (NiTi), Cobalt Chromium and many others.

Guide Tube: By cutting a spiral or specially designed pattern along the tube, a tube with high flexibility can be created. The direction and range of the flex can be designed by the cutting pattern.

Medical Devices: Small component or devise for Medical use, often seen in retrieval devices application.




Certification 公司認證:

Quality Standards: Certified to ISO 13485.

符合 ISO 13485 醫療器材生產認證。

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